2003 Ford Escape Owners Manual PDF – 240 Pages

Find the 2003 Ford Escape Owners Manual below. The 2003 Ford Escape is just the right SUV for comfy rides in all the terrains.


If you are counting on the best small and affordable SUV, none can be better than the Ford Escape. The 2003 model is praised for its smooth ride, spacious cabin, agile handling, handsome looks, and powerful V6 engine. It has the right combination of the attributes like power, size, and handsome styling.
A 2-liter four-cylinder engine returning 127 horsepower and 135 lb-ft torque come standard on the base trim level of the 2003 Ford Escape. It is mated with five-speed manual transmission. This engine might not be the vibrant choice as it doesn’t perform best when loaded with people. Another is the powerful 3-liter V6 that comes standard on Limited, XLT, and XLS 4WD trim levels. It can return 201 horsepower and 196 lb-ft torque.

Total interior space of 133.9 cubic feet makes the model one of the most spacious small SUVs of that time. Escape comes with wide door openings for easy in-out of passengers. The rear seats have good knee room and the front seats are spacious too. The XLS and XLT trim levels enjoy good-quality interior materials with improved fabrics. Audio, air conditioning, and other switch controls on the center console are more angled towards the driver for easy accessibility. Front-door switches like power windows and power locks glow so that they can be easily located.

2003 Ford Escape Manual Features And Details

The 2003 model of Ford Escape is wider than most of the SUVs of its segment providing an aggressive look. It has got a short front and overhangs in the rear to support a sportier look. From the driver’s seat, the driver can easily locate the leading edge of the hood making it easier for the driver to maneuver in crowded or tight places. The 7.8-inch ground clearance of the Escape can help the passengers to tackle some obstacles in a woody area. There is a No Boundary Rack System that provides a unique sliding rail.

The 2003 Ford Escape model has three trim levels to offer: XLS, XLT, and Limited. Limited is the luxury level that features leather seats, a six-CD changer, leather seats, side airbags, and heated front seats. The Limited also enjoys the luxury of a Mach audio system, aluminum wheels, and an extensive reverse sensing system. There are several packages offered that are filled with premium features for the mobility of the buyer’s need.
There are a few setbacks to the model that includes a weak base engine and the small gas tank size that limits the range of the model.