2005 Ford Escape Owners Manual PDF – 285 Pages

Find the 2005 Ford Escape Owners Manual below. The 2005 Ford Escape is just the right SUV for comfy rides in all the terrains.


Ford Escape is one of the best-selling small SUVs in the United States. The spacious cabin, comprehensive handling, and powerful V6 engine have contributed to its capability. It has introduced some features to give the model a freshened look along with some new mechanicals.

The model has replaced the 2004 engine with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder that returns 153 horsepower. Availability of four-speed automatic transmission and the five-speed manual is present. They can be chosen according to the likings of the buyers. This engine choice is best for budget-conscious buyers with the choice of an all-drive wheel system.

When we talk about the interiors, the tachometer will catch your eye immediately. It tells the revolutions/minutes for the engine, along with detailed and easy-to-comprehend markings. Gauges have been styled in a way for easy readability in bright daylight. Hybrids come with the choice of premium cloth upholstery or leather upholstery along with gray interiors. 

You can access the switchgear easily with simple controls. Escape also provides good on-road visibility reason being its elevated seating system. Rear seats have a good amount of room that includes both legroom and headroom. The navigation system has a small screen, but the display is pretty good. The interface is easy to use. It has a clear graphical representation.

2005 Ford Escape Manual Features And Details

The 2005 Ford Escape has come with a refreshed look with a unique combination of practicality and simplicity. Standard fog lamps provide a good balance to the exteriors. Alloy wheels of 16-inch have five-spokes giving the buyers a complete and comfortable ride. However, do keep in mind that they are not made for riding on rough terrains. The rear bumper is wide enough, offering a decent trunk space. A monochromatic look is available with the appearance package of the Escape and metallic silver paint can also be specified according to the buyer’s need.

Along with the improved engine, the model has introduced a lot to provide buyers the comfort and features they need. To ensure safety, antilock brakes have been now made standard on all the trim levels. Extra storage, new gauges, floor-mounted shifter, and upgraded seats are installed to make the model more advanced. 

An optional but important feature Safety Canopy also got introduced. It is a rollover protection system. Grille design and headlights have been redesigned to give the model a finished and styled exterior look. XLT Sport trim level also makes the debut in the 2005 Ford Escape model.

Unrefined display of the four-cylinder engine on high rpm has been a concern for this model. The material quality of the interiors used is of average quality.