2006 Ford Escape Owners Manual PDF Download – 298 Pages

Find the 2006 Ford Escape Owners Manual below. The 2006 Ford Escape manual is just the right vehicle for comfy rides in all the terrains.


The 2006 Ford Escape can be described as a family SUV. Though it was criticized for its interiors at the time of launch, the company has undoubtedly made some improvements in that area. Sometimes all one needs is a larger vehicle for the commute. You might live on the outskirts of some town. You have a family; you need to drop your kids off to school every morning. Your wife wants to go to her workplace, and finally, you reach your venture. So, let us dig deeper.

A 3.0-liter V6 engine sits at the core of this SUV. It maxes out at 200-hp and has a torque of 266-Nm. It surely does not go any fast, taking slightly more than 10 seconds to reach from zero to 60-mph. It might be in the list of least fast rides out there, but there are positives as well. 2006 Ford Escape Owners Manual 4-speed automatic transmission is quite smooth and can be switched to a manual transmission, in case of preference. You also get an all-wheel drive. The steering wheel is responsive and the suspension drives you through bumps very quickly.

You can select from the three models available. With each upper model, you get specific betterment in features. Power windows, central locking, a four-speaker audio system (with CD support) and a tilt column are what is standard across all the models. 2006 Ford Escape Owners Manual XLT model gets heated driver-seats, cruise control, and fog lamps. The op model also has a sunroof and leather upholstery.

2006 Ford Escape Manual Features & Reviews

The brakes are decent enough. Although the 2006 Ford Escape somewhat lacks when it comes to safety features. Might be one of the reasons for calling it a family SUV, you cannot sport around in this vehicle. Dual airbags and side airbags with the higher trim, with seat belts for the rear passengers, is what you get. We miss the ABS on this one.

Fuel economy is another factor of criticism. On average daily usage, the SUC might churn you a mere 8 to 10-km/l. on the highway, this ratio might rise to 12-km/l, but certainly not more than that. There are no variations when it comes to the engine, so one has to settle for this caveat. As far as interiors are concerned, the driver and the front passenger get a better field of view owing to the higher seat placement. The single-level feedback system reflects upon the general information like speed and fuel tank. You also get a standard central control system for your daily radio or for controlling the temperature of the cabin, which is very spacious. There are sufficient legroom and headroom both for the front and the rear passengers.  The SUV is not designed for seldom off-roading but it might not disappoint you if you do it every occasionally. 

The tires provide a good grip on the ground, and there would not be any such problem as skidding or slipping. Overall, if you are on a low budget, but are looking for an SUV that is capable of commuting with your family, the 2006 Ford Escape Owners Manual could be an excellent option for you!