2007 Ford Focus Owners Manual PDF – 232 Pages

Find the 2007 Ford Focus Owners Manual below. The 2007 Ford Focus is just the right Coupe and Sedan for all the expeditions you wanted.


The 2007 Ford Focus Owners Manual is known to be inexpensive, practical, stylish, and fun. It is more comfortable as compared to some of the other cars known to be compact. The car is quite spacious, with soft seats. Also, it is balanced between sensitive handling and a smooth, soft ride. The design and built feel more European than the American or Japanese in a manner and is known to be refined for the class.

2007 Ford Focus Owners Manual is available in 2 L with 130 hp 16v inline-4 engine, 2 L with 136 hp 16v inline-4 engine and at last a 2.3 L with 151 hp 16v inline-4 engines. The interior of the car owns a tidy, stylish, and traditional look. The instrument board is proportional to the passenger and driver areas parted by two rectangular registers for climate controls, a slight center stack (used for climate control and audio), and a hazard switch.

This 2007 model owns sport seats with leather covers. Contrasting inserts made of leather are also available for the ST sedan, SES, and SE models (except for the wagons). The car has a CD player, along MP3 compatibility is the same in all the models. The floor console has two cupholders, shifters, parking brake and allows controls for options like traction control.

2007 Ford Focus Manual Features & Details

The console above involves a holder for sunglasses and also allows a space for a garage gate opener. There is also some storage provided which allows bottle holders which are molded in. 2007 Ford Focus Owners Manual two-tone variants, the lower parts of door trim and instrument panels have a lighter shade to provide an extra open feeling. Upholstery made of cloth and leather is provided.

The ST sedan, SES, ZX5 SE, ZX4, and ZX3 have Street Appearance packages to provide the car more of a sporty and tuner look. Also, the Sports Appearance package has spoilers as the focal point. It also has a different fascia in the front, along with bright exhaust tips and rear bumper treatments.

The 2007 Ford Focus Manual has a European touch and is available in Blackout, Silver Frost Metallic, Kiwi Green Metallic, and Aqua Blue Metallic colors. Since we know that car is available in four body styles which are ZX3, ZX4, ZX5, and ZXW. This attracts the audience with different requirements to fulfill their needs accordingly.

As far as safety is concerned, it has second-generation front airbags, child locks for rear doors, and child safety attachments for seats. Side-impact airbags can also be fitted in all the models. Traction controls and anti-lock brakes are possible for most of the variants. 2007 Ford Focus Owners Manual comes with several setbacks that include low-grade plastic, inadequate storage, and the unavailability of side-curtain bags.