2007 Ford Fusion Owners Manual PDF – 291 Pages

Find the 2007 Ford Fusion Owners Manual below. The 2007 Ford Fusion is one of the best choices when it comes down to choosing mid-sized sedans and should not be ignored.


The car got introduced in 2006 as a brand new vehicle and proved to be a wonderful car. The car looks wonderful and purposeful, is comfortable, handles well, and provides a good value. A new option of all-wheel drive got added for 2007 which made the car super stable on wet paths.The 2007 Ford Fusion Owners Manual is available in 2.3 L with 160 hp inline-4 engine and a 3 L with 221 hp V6 engine variants.

The car has a comfortable cabin and also provides the benefit of direct controls. The front seat in the car is soft and still proves to be supportive for really long rides. It has a conventional tilt and telescopic steering. The six-way power movable driver seat is available on both SE and SEL models. This allows both the tall and short drivers to get comfy.

Ford chose to maintain its European influence went with a soft touch for the surface elements. These features are expected to be in a luxury car but not in a mass-produced car. The interior of 2007 Ford Fusion Owners Manual has options between dark charcoal inside with a black finish and the other two-tone inside which is optional. It includes a combination of camel and dark stone with a faux that appears to be more inviting. 

2007 Ford Fusion Owners Manual Lights and Interior

The lighter interior appears to be more inviting. Its dashboard has a direct design that goes in a horizontal direction across the vehicle’s width with a binnacle above the pod of the instrument. The Ford Fusion has an appreciable size trunk along with a low height of lift-over and flat floor, making it simpler to load luggage, cargo, or groceries. There is a handy storage bin at the dashboard top that has a big clamshell lid. 

The Ford Fusion Manual tends to blend in the surroundings which are quite odd amongst midsize sedans. Its polarizing design is better than the boring bland designs. In brief, it is a great-looking car. The car is available in all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive options. It is having SEL, SE, and S as three trim levels to choose from.

Some setbacks of the model include 2007 Ford Fusion Owners Manual engines have low power, unavailability of stability control, and very mediocre plastic materials. Reviewers also find that the extra cost for ABS is a disadvantage to the model.