2011 Ford Focus Owners Manual PDF – 301 Pages

Find the 2011 Ford Focus Owners Manual below. The 2011 Ford Focus is just the right Coupe and Sedan for all the expeditions you wanted.


The 2011 Ford Focus Owners Manual is a comeback by the US-based automobile company. Before this vehicle set its tires on the roads, sedans from other companies majorly dominated American automobile market. Although the model received an update two years before launch, Ford is focusing on the interiors and the styling. So without further ado, let us talk about the updates and general specifications of the car.

The last model launched back in 2008 received heavy criticism. Apparently, the aesthetic quotient was low, and the design was unconventional. With the 2011 Ford Focus Manual, you get completely fresh styling. Like the other famous sedans, the front grills and the headlights are very classy. The new glossy finish adds up to the overall appeal of the car, and the subtle read spoilers give it the long-asked sporty look.

The model comes in four variants, the 2-Door Coupe SE, the 2-Door Coupe SES, and the 4-Door Sedan S. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine powers the machine and tops out at 140 horsepower. A cleaner version of the same car, with some tweaks in the engine, is available in the state of California. You also have options when it comes to transmission. The company provides a manual five-speed transmission or an automatic 4-speed variant. 

Although contrary advertisement, it is not really a sports car. It might be an ideal choice for some people who have to commute daily and who ride around the streets in the city. However, 2011 Ford Focus Owners Manual engine, which is somewhat better on the Coupe model, does not deliver enough to make the car feel fast. It goes from zero to sixty mph in 9.7 seconds. That is not good for any sports car. So is the transmission of the car. After tests by various reviewers, one might conclude that it is nothing special but gets its job done.

2011 Ford Focus Manual Features & Details

On the other hand, less power and speed leads to a not-so-bad side effect. The Ford Focus 2011 Manual has a better than average mileage. The base variant can get you as high as 35 miles on a highway and 24 miles inside the city on a gallon of gas. As far as safety is concerned, ABS is now a standard feature among all models. In other safety equipment, you have six airbags. Ford has also included the AdvanceTrak stability system.

Moving inside the car now, the interiors are very pleasant. The dashboard has all the handy controls that can be handy. The ice-blue lighting is very attractive, and you get improved storage spaces. The seats are comfortable, and the suspension contributes to the smooth drive. Ford also introduces the new MyKey system with this model. You also get SYNC, the in-car communication system by Ford. The driver can connect his or her phone to the system via Bluetooth. This enables you to answer calls, play your favorite music from your phone.

So overall, if you are looking for a car to fulfill all your daily commute requirements, which has the class and the subtle style to it, the 2011 Ford Focus Owners Manual will prove to be the ultimate choice for you!