2012 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual PDF Download – 360 Pages

Find the 2012 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual below. The Ford Fiesta 2012 Manual is also for following modes – Sedan S, Sedan SE, and Sedan SEL. It is like the ultimate sedan that one needs.


In the very first look at the 2012 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual, you will be amazed. We are talking about great styling, a very responsive handling system, and a high safety test score. There are a few downsides to it as well, but they are not worth breaking the deal. One might say that the car is too small to be this expensive, but it has an array of features that might change your mind.

The engine here is a four-cylinder 1.6-liter and is capable of delivering up to 120 horsepower. The car takes about ten seconds in the zero to sixty mph test, and if not fast, t is quick enough. You might be surprised to hear, but the 2012 Ford Fiesta Manual offers a mileage as high as 30 miles on one gallon of gas in the city and a whopping 40 miles per gallon out on the highways.

You might choose from two transmission options: a PowerShift 6-speed, dual-clutch automated, or a 6-speed manual. If you are one of the last-minute leavers, go for the manual shift variant, as it is more responsive around the city and with the lower gears. On top of that, the steering offers you smooth yet reliable control of your vehicle. 

2012 Ford Fiesta Manual Features And Specifications

When you are driving a car in the busy city roads, you want to know that you are safe. Well, The 2012 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual is one of the top scores when it comes to safety tests. Be it the read, side, frontal, or the roof-strength; it is all top-notch. You get seven airbags (curtain bags in the rear), an electronic stability control system, which might help you in driving on angled or uneven roads.

Going inside the car, the seats appear to be flat somehow, yet they are comfortable. The headroom is an issue when it comes to rear-seat passengers. A tall person might feel it to be too tight. The interiors appear to be very stylish and made out of premium materials. You get the great Ford SYNC connectivity and a friendly infotainment system. The push-button start and electric windowpanes come in very handy. One unique thing about this car; ambient lighting inside the vehicle. Heated seats would keep you warm even in cool weather situations. The instrument panel is just at the right angle and all the controls are easily approachable.

Coming outside the car to admire the arched roof, it makes the 2012 Ford Fiesta Owners Manual looks sleeker. The headlights are a little elongates, which is an attempt to make it look more stylish. The accents follow along the edges, from the tires to the side skirts and end at the tail lamps. It could compete with any other sedan in the price range. Lastly, there are three models available, 4-Door Sedan S, 4-Door Sedan SE, and the 4-Door sedan SEL. So all in all, the car might be slightly overpriced, but it offers pretty great substance and would surely not disappoint you.