2014 Ford Edge Owners Manual PDF Download

Here you will find the 2014 Ford Edge Owners Manual for download. We will be also talking about the 2014 Ford Edge, how smart and classy it is.


Buying a sports utility vehicle or an SUV can sometimes be confusing. There are so many options in the market these days, and it makes it even more arduous when a model launched back in 2014 remains relevant until date. In this article, we will be talking about the 2014 Ford Edge Manual. It is a smart option in its class, but you might have to struggle with the availability.

On standing right beside the vehicle, you will immediately notice the standard looks. The design is well detailed and elaborate. Chrome bars with honeycomb mesh finish in the front appear to be classy. The thick front bumper and the broad tires add some muscle to the SUV. You also get a rear tail spoiler and the dual exhausts at the back. Skirt accents run throughout the body. Depending upon the model you chose to buy, you might get some additional styling elements. The white color appears to be the most natural choice, yet there are other options available.

2014 Ford Edge Manual Features

Now, you would eventually get inside the 2014 Ford Edge Owners Manual and notice the simple dashboard. You get a single level feedback system with steering mounted controls. The legroom is decent, owing to the size of the vehicle. The infotainment system works with a small screen, and the gear lever is situated just at the right angle. The higher ground clearance puts the pilot into a commanding position, with more field of view on the road. You can upgrade to an all-screen infotainment system, with MyFord Touch support, with the customary Bluetooth connectivity and the navigation system.

Now you would like to take the SUV out for a ride. Putting your foot on the throttle, you would immediately feel the power. The 2014 Ford Edge Manual runs on a whopping 285 horsepower engine (3.5-liter V-6). You also get an automatic transmission and sport mode. The boosted torque can prove out to be a little jerky when it comes to riding in the city. You might also take advantage of the all-wheel-drive on this beast. You can also go for the 240-hp engine (turbocharged, with EcoBoost) or the 305-hp engine (3.7-liter, V-6). That being said, the vehicle handles pretty well and is quite responsive.

Performance comes at a cost. In this case, the price you would be paying would be in terms of fuel economy. The base variant is capable of churning out a 21/30 mpg while an upgrade to the sports mode and the turbocharged engine takes a hit on the mileage; it can drop as low as 18/25-mpg. As far as safety is concerned, a four-star overall rating is what this machine earns. It also scores decently in the crash and safety tests. In 2014 Ford Edge Owners Manual you get the standard full-length airbags, a stability control system built-in, and the Ford sway control; to manage the load. There is also a Blind-Spot monitoring system, which might prove to be useful. Again, with different options and the amount of money you would pay, you can also avail of the adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems and the cross-traffic alert feature. 

The 2014 Ford Edge Owners Manual stays relevant to date and now we know why. So if you are looking for an SUV, you might consider buying this one!