2015 Ford Edge Owners Manual PDF – 508 Pages

Find the 2015 Ford Edge Owners Manual below. The 2015 Ford Edge Manual is an excellent crossover for city driving. Expect to zip around the city lanes with the turbocharged engine sucking in tons of more air with every cycle.


Even more, say goodbye to any turbo lag, as the 2015 Ford Edge uses twin scrolls to let you enjoy a pure boost. However, there is more cream to the Edge. You will feel like a king in it as you delight in its superior riding comfort and handling. Want to know the secret behind this? – Ford has smartly switched to a fully independent suspension! Finally, the styling is chic, too – you get the form with function in this 4-wheeled beauty!

From the outside, the 2015 Ford Edge Owners Manual is an athletic and toned SUV. It draws inspiration for its form from the Ford Fusion, which needs no telling if you are a seasoned car lover – its Best Car to Buy award is enough to rest aside all doubts! Needless, the Edge also mesmerizes viewers with similar awe at first sight. 

Design That Will Blow You

Two choices on the outside are striking – the cheeky shoulder line, bringing three letters to mind instantly – BMW. Secondly, the missing 3-bar signature Ford chrome grille. Instead, it has been modified to look somewhat similar to that of a Sante Fe. 

The insides are an absolute success without any caveats. Drool over the rich material used. We felt that the dashboard runs away with the best laurels here. It is an exquisite piece of design finesse – stunning you with its functional aesthetics! Finally, there are no annoying capacitive touch-pad controls – you have buttons and knobs for all of them.

The 2015 Ford Edge Owners Manual nails the safety angle, courtesy of three superb additions. First, you have an airbag in the glove chamber to protect your knees ( many don’t know, but knee injuries are more common than head ones in crashes). Next, come the inflatable seat belts on the rear seats. In addition, it provides you with a beautiful park assist – that supports both parallel and perpendicular parks. Finally, it has the usual safety features – rear-view camera, LED headlamps, and collision warnings. 

2015 Ford Edge Manual Engine

The engine is where the Edge shoots ahead of the field – two-scrolled turbocharging in-built to max the air intake to provide you with delightful speed boosts! Technically, the base is a 2.0-liter Ecoboost®, with a labeled rating of 245 hp. You can upgrade this to a V-6. However, if you want more zing, it’s best to scale up to the Edge Sport – with its 2.7-liter V6 – here also as above, the meat is in the twin-scroll direct injection!

The All-Wheel-Drive adds to the car’s in-city suitability. The six-speed automatic is ideal to fit the turbo – however, the pleasant surprise is awesome paddle-shifters on the steering and the sport drive-mode.

Finally, the independent suspension complements the drive with superior stability from below. You will immediately notice 2015 Ford Edge Owners Manual mummed melody of the drive once you put the Edge into gear. All you will enjoy is the soft hum of the EcoBoost – and if you love it, a little tune buzz in your head– “All along a lonesome highway, East of Omaha. You can listen to the engine moaning out its one-note song!” We say, sheer driving bliss!

2015 Ford Edge Trims & Features

The lower SE and SEL trims are fabulous for the Ford Edge 2015 manual. They will provide you with all its power-packed functionality, though, we agree, the price is a little high for base trims. 

Ford brings for you the Titanium and Sport models for those looking to turn up the heat (pun intended, as you are now in the twin-turbo 2.7 V6 territories). Dote on exciting gifts such as Vista Roof, heated steering, and upgraded audio. Finally, notice the shift in Ford’s strategy – the top trim is no longer called Limited, it is now Titanium – an apparent move to position itself as a tech-savvy car maker like 2015 Ford Edge Owners Manual. It’s great; however, we say – Elon, you have no right to impact so many industries and companies in one lifespan – jealousy is a real human emotion, dude!