2018 Ford Fusion Owners Manual PDF – 545 Pages

Find the 2018 Ford Fusion Owners Manual below. The 2018 Ford Fusion Manual is just the right vehicle for comfy rides in all the terrains.


The 2018 Ford Fusion Owners Manual is the champion of all. It checks all boxes in terms of looks, tech, handling, and whatnot. The reasonably priced performance of Ford Fusion is fantastic, just like its fuel-efficiency. It is finally well-proportioned and lean, and the cockpit is also remarkably impressive. No extravagant lines ruin the beauty. Instead, it has simple metallic rings around the gauges. Steering mounted controls give it a classy look. It took Ford five model years for the body. New accents on the tail-lights and grills also add to the look. The stance is one of the best. 

Fusion comes with a variety of choices in the engines. The base engine is a 2.5-liter 175 hp 4-cylinder. The torque reaches high at 4,500 pounds. Other models feature turbo-charged 245 hp 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders,1.5-liter turbo-charged 181 hp4-cylinders 2.0-liter turbo-4 one. The sport comes with the top of the line 2.7-liter 325 hp twin-turbo V-6 giving 380 lb-ft torque. The steering is well-weighted. It gives a great blend of a comfortable ride and crisp handling. The interior of the 2018 Ford Fusion is completely new. The cabin is quieter than previous models. It is a comfortable vehicle with average rear-seat space. The storage is also great with many bins, cubbies, and the trunk space is also enough. The USB ports are also noteworthy. The back of Fusion has got a royal silhouette fancy look.

The notable improvements have been made in the functionality. The company is introducing better trim, more storage bins, and a rotatory shift knob. The handling, controlling, electric power steering, and acceleration make the Fusion a reliable choice. Seats on all trims are comfortable. The tires range from 16 to 19 inches. The 2018 Ford Fusion Owners Manual rides are absorbent and fun. The foot trunk is a good 16-cubic, and it is almost full-size. The legroom and headroom in the front are excellent. The tall doors make entry and exit decent. 

2018 Ford Fusion Owners Manual & Features

Fusion comes in various trims like S, SE, Titanium, Sport, and Platinum. The basic features present in all the models are power windows, Bluetooth audio streaming, and a standard rearview camera. 

The Fusion SE comes with the forward-collision warning system. There is a chrome strip bisecting the LED lights on the front end. Sport comes with adaptive shocks, LED headlights, and suede seats. The most luxurious features would be leather trim, active park assist, 19-inch wheels, a moonroof, navigation, inflatable rear seatbelts, and Sony audio. These features smoothen out the rides. Titanium has heated front seats, an 8.0-inch touchscreen, 12-speaker audio, and 18-inch wheels. The price for including these would be around $40,000.   

2018 Ford Fusion Manual has scored well in the crash-tests. It has received a top-notch five-star rating from NHTSA. Barring the base model, Fusion comes with the forward-collision warning systems for enhanced safety. The top priority of Fusion is justifying the Family sedan. Also, a superior’ score for the Fusion’s optional crash avoidance technology.

The rear-seat accommodations are the downsides of the Fusion along with plain interior trims. The headroom is also not enough in the back for taller individuals. Moreover, Fusion is not the sporty type. Even 2018 Ford Fusion Owners Manual the sports editions do not justify the smooth, sporty rides. The base models also receive the complaint of the small screen.