2002 Honda Civic Owners Manual PDF Coupe & Sedan – 325 Pages

Find the 2002 Honda Civic Owners Manual below. The 2002 Honda Civic Manual is for trim levels – base, Civic DX sedan, LX, and EX. It was one of the best compact cars in the compact class with its pleasant road presence.


Honda aims at maximizing comfort for people by minimizing the space required for the mechanical system. The car earns good marks in engine displacement, safety, fuel efficiency, spacious cabins, and passenger comfort.

Civic is available in 1.7-liter cylinder engines, thereby replacing the 1.6-liter engines. Each engine has the ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) certification and a 105,000 Mile Tune-Up Interval. The engines produce 115 horsepower on the DX and LX versions. The 2002 Honda Civic Owners Manual EX models are equipped with variable-valve technology and 127 HP. The other 117 HP lean-burn engine of the HX Coupe operates with reduced emissions.

Coming to the interior, the 2002 Honda Civic Manual gives you a spacious feel as the overall height is increased by 2 inches. The car is equipped with an Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System and comes with air conditioning and power door locks. Trunk space has now been increased to 12.9. The rear seat can accommodate two six-footers, and a third person can comfortably squeeze in the back seat.

2002 Honda Civic Manual Features & Reviews

The design is similar to the previous one except for a few minutes yet effective changes. The rear has an edgier look as compared to the earlier version. The interior is larger, no doubt, but the new 2002 Civic is half an inch shorter at 174.6 inches. The 2002 Honda Civic Owners Manual comes in Coupe and Sedan versions with the same level of features but variations in design and appearance. Civic four-door sedan models include the base Civic DX sedan, LX(with added luxury features), and EX, a powerful engine.

The Coupe has more of a sportier look with an aggressive windshield rake and doesn’t have center-side pillars like the Sedan. The Coupe has a steel reinforcement for bulkheads, floor pan, and the front and rear roof pillars in their place. Side impact airbags are also an added novel option for all models. However, the anti-lock brakes are available only on Ex models. As far as safety is concerned, the 2002 Honda Civic Owners Manual has dual seatbelt pre-tensioners for front seat occupants and dual-stage front airbag inflators. Honda Civic has Honda’s advanced side airbag system.

Though the 2002 Honda Civic Owners Manual interior is large, the exterior dimension has decreased slightly by half an inch. There are various other setbacks of the car, such as Bad Engine Mounts causing vibration, Bad front lower control arm bushings, and the possibility of a head gasket leaking at higher mileage.