2018 Honda CRV Owners Manual PDF – 677 Pages

Find the 2018 Honda CRV Owners Manual below. The 2018 Honda CRV is just the right vehicle for comfy rides in all the terrains.


Before buying an SUV, you might want to consider reading this article. You will get to know about a crossover model that has all that it needs to be the bestseller. We are talking about the 2018 Honda CRV Owners Manual. It might be the literal translation of the metaphor “talk, dark and handsome!” Not only are their loads of features onboard, but you would also get a good value for money. There are a few downsides to it as well, so let us begin.

A turbo-4, 1.5-liter engine hits 190 hp, on the EX models. The LX trim offers an inline-4, 2.4-liter engine, which manages to deliver 186 hp. The latter croaks a bit at lower speeds but Honda CRV 2018 Manual delivers higher peak performance. Although better performance takes a hit on the fuel economy. Overall, the base model with the turbo engine is much smooth and easy on the throttle. The variable transmission complements the all-wheel drive. It is not a system designed for frequent off-roading, but you might get an edge over the tight corners in the city.

 The 2018 Honda CRV Manual would pass for a comfortable ride. The steering is responsive, but nothing exceptional. A crossover SUV that the vehicle is, higher ground clearance makes it look taller than it is. This also gives the pilot a better and commanding view of the road. The wind isolation proves to be good on the highways and muffles most of the outside sound even on city roads. You get either fabric cover or artificial leather, based on the model you chose. The front seats have many adjustment options and the rear seats are very comfortable. The vehicle feels to be bigger on the inside, thanks to better space management.

2018 Honda CRV Manual Features & Review

The feedback systems on this vehicle are good enough. The dashboard is straightforward yet appealing. The pilot would love how the controls are arranged on this one. The base model has integrated climate control, Bluetooth accessibility along with a 4-speaker audio system, cruise control and a rearview camera. The seventeen-inch alloy wheels ads to the exterior looks of the car. The 2018 Honda CRV Manual has a solid presence. You can easily differentiate it from standing in a fleet of other models. The top model includes heated seats, a touchscreen infotainment system (which supports Apple CarPlay), keyless ignition, and a power moonroof.

The all-new Honda Sensing system, which uses software calculations to predict collisions and avoid them, is also provided in the EX model. Pay a few more bucks, and you can unlock the Honda CRV 2018 Manual satellite radio, premium audio system and a navigation system. The car scores well on all safety and crash tests. You will get six airbags, ABS, and stability control. The top models come with automatic braking, lane control, on-track controls and adaptive cruise control. The LED lights available on the top models could also be used in the base models. 

You must be familiar with how functional and balanced an SUV this is. It offers you all the premium features and looks the 2018 Honda CRV Owners Manual is a tough competitor when it comes to the crossover range.