2019 Honda Civic Owners Manual PDF – 680 Pages

Find the 2019 Honda Civic Owners Manual below. The 2019 Honda Civic Manual is just the right vehicle for comfy rides in all the terrains.


The 2019 Honda Civic Owners Manual rejuvenates the driving experience like never before. The Civic lineup consists of sedans, coupes and hatchbacks. It comes in LX trim, EX trim, EX-L, EX-T, Touring and Sport. Civic has added standard safety gear and updated the styling, expansion to the Sport trim and an advanced automatic emergency braking. Sport, EX and base LX come with 2.0-liter inline-4 of 158 hp. On the other hand, the coupe EX and Touring trims come with 1.5-liter turbo-4 of 174 hp. Moreover, the Civic Si is equipped with a turbo-4 of 205 hp while Type R is equipped with 2.0-liter turbo-4 of an impressive 306 hp for excellent suspension.

Both the manual transmission only Type R and Civic Si are blessed with high performance. A compliant CVT (Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission) is a feature of most of the non-Si and Type R Honda Civic cars. The engines are all quiet and sturdy enough for the rides. One should opt Civic hatchback or the Touring, EX-L, and EX-T trims for an even more powerful turbo-4 engine. It is a fair deal that is both fuel-efficient and driving-friendly.

The steering is reliable and makes the 2019 Honda Civic Manual capable enough for all sorts of roads from curvy to jam-packed ones. The 16 or 17-inch wheels are just perfect for the rides. The Civic drives in a modified mode called Cruiser mode and makes the highway rides buttery smooth. The visibility is excellent for the drivers and so are the controls. The seats are all comfortable and adjustable for people of different heights. The Civic Sedan wins the legroom race with 37.4 inches as opposed to 36 for coupes and hatchbacks.

2019 Honda Civic Manual Features and Reviews

The handling and comfort of the 2019 Honda Civic Manual are unmatchable. Although, all the Civics are roomy enough, yet, the best choice for cargo utility is a hatchback. A decent 5.0-inch screen is present in the base Civic LX. The 2019 Honda Civic comes in three different body configurations and varying trim levels. It is a beautiful merge between a dashing exterior and a classy interior. One can mistake a sedan for a hatchback yet the best 2019 Civic body style is of Sedan. Civic has the conservative, large center console along with several slots and pockets for keeping essentials during the trips.

Civic and Audi A7 share similarities in the silhouette styling. Although there is one difference between the two, Civic comes with a trunk where the tail end of Audi ends. The Civic Coupe is the “fashion diva” in the family. The higher variant Sport trim adds 18-inch alloy wheels, and fantastic black accents look to this beauty. One downside of these wheels would be the transmission of road imperfection to the cabin making the rides a little uncomfortable. The Si trim gives a different exterior look and sporty wheels. However, the hatchback-only Type R has pulled off a complete racer look that some adults might not find suitable for them. 

The Sport trim can have a massive 7.0-inch touchscreen for infotainment purposes by putting an additional $1,700 on the basic pay of 2019 Honda Civic Manual. Android Auto Compatibility, as well as Apple CarPlay, are also available in the latter. Moreover, Civic EX can be equipped with leather seats by putting $1,200. 

The real deal-maker is safety scoring. The NHTSA has given it a top-tier five-star rating. The standard safety features are all great, like automatic emergency braking, cruise control and lane-departure warnings helped Honda to get rated as “Superior” in safety tech by IIHS. The bummer is the headlights that were rated as “poor,” eliminating 2019 Honda Civic Owners Manual from Top Safety Pick category. The cost of 2019 Honda Civic starts from $20,345 while for CVT, the price jumps to $21,145 and the coupe costs $21,545.