2022 Honda Civic Owners Manual PDF – 700 Pages

Find the 2022 Honda Civic Owners Manual below. The 2022 Honda Civic Manual is a redesigned version of the previous model. In this model, the interior design has been updated. 


The 2022 Honda Civic has a classy exterior, new features, and a classy interior design. It showcases better performance. Unfortunately, Honda does not facilitate all-wheel drive, so this car offers front-wheel drive. It has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. This engine has a capacity of 1.5 liters.

Honda has already released some official information regarding this model and its trim levels. Its price can vary from $22695 to $29295, which depends on the variant. The car has grown by 1.5 inches. However, it still appears like a mid-size car. Designers have pushed back the A-pillars and windshield by a few inches. Hence, the vehicle seems more extended than before. Even the materials in the lower trim levels are of good quality. Riders can also use a touchscreen infotainment display. This model is also fuel-efficient.

2022 Honda Civic Manual Engine & Features

The engine’s configuration remains the same in the 2022 Honda Civic Owners Manual as in the earlier model. Base models have a standard four-cylinder engine. This engine has a capacity of 2 liters and produces 158 horsepower. The upgraded one is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters that produces 180 horsepower.

It also offers a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and spry handling. This car also has a communicative steering system. However, the engine configuration may vary for different variants.

Buyers can choose from four trims: the LX, Sport, EX, and Touring. However, the EX variant of this car is preferred. This is because of additional features, including climate control, heated front seats, etc. The 2022 Honda Civic Owners Manual EX can also provide a mileage of 33 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on highways. It can give a mileage of 36 mpg when combined. On the other hand, if the buyer wants a fully digital car, then the Touring variant is the best one.

 Other features of this car include various safety features like the standard adaptive control, the automatic braking system, etc. It has a lot of spacious. It has cleaner lines and a wide center console. 2022 Honda Civic Owners Manual is a much-improved version of the previous model. It has additional features to make rides enjoyable.